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World's Best Metal Detection Technologies

The GPX 5000 sets the new benchmark in gold detecting technology. With an amazing range of features and functions the GPX 5000 is not only superior to its predecessor, the GPX-4500, and is in a class of its own. Featuring Minelab's exclusive technologies, (MPS), (DVT) and (SETA), the high performance GPX 5000 is capable of finding more gold than ever before. From sub-gram nuggets to the elusive 'retirement nugget' and everything in between, with the GPX 5000, you can find it.

New improved electronics, new Soil/Timings and an amazing range of features combined with the legendary GPX ability to ‘see through ground’ mineralisation, gives you a significant Depth Advantage over other detectors.

Using unique features, functions and industry leading patented technology ensure the GPX detectors run smooth and quiet in even the most severe ground conditions, whilst still maintaining excellent depth and sensitivity to gold nuggets. Serious detectorists know that GPX detectors find gold much deeper than ANY other detector, in ALL ground conditions. That's why we are confident to say we have the GPX Depth Advantage.

With more Timings than ever before, the 8 Timings available on the GPX 5000 change the digital switching and processing of the electronics in the detector. Each Timing has been designed for optimum performance under certain conditions, so it is like having a different detector each time you select a new Timing.

Also great for the specialist relic and jewellery hunter who demands the best, and wants to recover targets deeper than ever before.

Easy for the beginner through to the professional - you can switch on and go with six factory preset Search Modes and automatic functions.

When searching for gold you need the best. If you're looking for the very best gold detector - LOOK NO FURTHER.


    MPS, DVT & SETA Technology delivers to you the most technologically advanced detector yet, making small hard to hear nuggets more obvious. New Timings make the GPX 5000 the most versatile ever. It's like having 8 detectors in 1. In addition to five of the Timings found on the previous model the GPX 5000 introduces three new Timings: Coin/Relic, Salt/Gold and Fine Gold. Fine Gold Timing gives even more depth and sensitivity than Enhance — bring home more nuggets even from ground thought to be completely worked out! Salt/Gold Timing is great for all nugget sizes in salty ground — outstanding at the beach! Coin/Relic Timing is the deepest ever for benign ground conditions. Improved Enhance Timing for more depth Improved electronics for increased target sensitivity and ground balance performance Six preset Search Modes gives you easy switch on and go detecting. In addition to General and Deep search are: Hi-Mineral, Patch, Hi-Trash and Pinpoint. All six Search Modes can be modified to your personal favourite settings. Menu accessible Search Modes can also be renamed. Increased Rx Gain adjustment allows you more precise sensitivity control for optimum performance. Automatic Ground balance options make it easy to adjust the detector to suit all ground conditions. e.g. (Fixed, Tracking, Tracking speed, Ground Balance Type, Quick-Trac button). Audio adjustments to maximize target signals for your personal hearing ability e.g. (Threshold, Tone, Audio Type, Signal Peak, Response, Target Volume, Volume limit, Stabilizer). Iron Reject adjustable to suit the iron trash level where you are detecting. Motion control, adjustable to match your sweep speed and optimise target responses. Tune (also known as Noise Cancel) - Automatic and Manual options to minimize electrical interference. Backlight so that you can read the LCD menu in any light, allowing you to detect day or night. The back light also has an adjustable timeout to help preserve battery power. Lightweight Li-ion Battery with inbuilt Speaker Booster capability Two coils as standard: 11” Double-D coil plus 11” Monoloop coil giving you added versatility and value. Languages: English, Spanish, Russian & Arabic (manual only)


      Easy to get started
      The GPX 5000 is easy to use, for beginners through to professionals. Get started quickly, with six preset Search Modes (Deep, General, Patch, Hi-Mineral, Hi-Trash and Pinpoint) and automatic functions. As your experience grows, the GPX 5000 has additional settings to further customise its performance, including creating your own Search Modes.
      8 Timings in 1 superior detector:
      Enhance, Sensitive Extra, Normal, Salt/Gold, Sharp, Sensitive Smooth, Fine Gold, Coin/Relic With eight Soil/Timings (Timings), the GPX 5000 is like having eight detectors in one. Each Timing is optimised for the greatest depth in specific ground conditions, from benign ground to the most severe, heavily mineralised, variable and ‘hot rock’ infested ground. These Timings are also designed to find different sized gold, from sub-gram nuggets to ‘retirement’ nuggets.
      Additional Automatic Ground Balance Tracking options
      ‘See through’ the ground to maximum depth even in the most severely mineralised and variable ground conditions. The Ground Balance controls are General, Off, Specific, Slow, Medium, Fast Tracking speed, Fixed or Tracking, Quick-Trak button.
      Precision adjustments for maximum performance
      An easy to use two dial menu control system allows you to access the many advanced GPX
      functions, e.g. Motion, Rx Gain, Audio, Audio Tone, Stabilizer, Signal, Target Volume, Response, Tracking, Manual Tune, GB Type and Iron Reject. These settings let you ‘fine tune’ your detector to suit your preferences, and specific detecting conditions, for the best results.
      Supplied with two coils: 11-inch Double-D and 11-inch Monoloop
      The Double-D coil offers great depth, excellent ground coverage, noise cancelling and iron rejection. The Monoloop coil achieves extreme depth and is very sensitive to sub-gram nuggets. Six other Commander accessory coils are also available.
    MPS, DVT and SETA technologies
    The world’s most advanced Pulse Induction (PI) technologies, MPS, DVT and SETA combine to find gold much deeper than ANY conventional PI or VLF detector, in ALL ground conditions.

Minelab's Technology Definitions

Multi Period Sensing (MPS)

MPS (Multi Period Sensing) is Minelab’s advanced Pulse Induction (PI) technology that transmits pulses of different time periods. MPS also samples the receive signal at multiple time periods allowing target signals and ground signals to be separated. This effectively removes the ground signal from even the most highly mineralised ground while still being sensitive to both small and deep gold. This achieves superior depth in extremely mineralised ground.

Dual Voltage Technology (DVT)

DVT (Dual Voltage Technology) is Minelab’s advanced Pulse Induction technology that uses pulses with two voltage levels to further enhance MPS. The two voltage levels work in combination with the different time period pulses transmitted by MPS to increase the amount of power transmitted into the ground. DVT also allows more of the ground signal to be removed, further increasing detection depth and sensitivity. This achieves ultimate depth in extremely mineralised ground.

Smart Electronic Timing Alignment

SETA (Smart Electronic Timing Alignment) is a highly complex method of matching the characteristics of individual Timings with continuous measurements from the surrounding electromagnetic environment, such as the earth’s magnetic field. This gives the advantage of improved detector performance through the complete removal of noise signals. The sensitivity across all Timings is increased, therefore SETA allows more gold to be found than any other metal detector technology.
Features:Superior pulse indication
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