Sovereign G/T Minelab Metal Detector

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  • BBS multiple frequency technology means more depth, greater sensitivity and more accurate discrimination.
  • RCB amplifies weak target signals inside the coil, reducing noise and boosting faint, deep objects.
  • ACCU-TRAK digital ground balance makes the Sovereign GT ready for all terrains.
  • Iron mask mode – enables you to detect valuable targets lying close to trash.
  • Incredible depth on targets allowing you to detect targets that VLF detectors just don’t see.
  • Two search bands to reduce the effect of interference from electricity or other detectors.
  • Waterproof 10” Tornado coil for wading shallow water.
  • Hunt longer and more comfortably with the new balanced deluxe shaft.
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Responds with clearer tones to targets
multi-frequeny detector for land and beach detecting

The Sovereign GT does it all! Turn it on, set the controls and start searching for coins and treasures. Only Minelab technology makes it this easy!

Whatever you’re looking for the Sovereign GT has the penetrating power and versatility you need. The Sovereign GT discriminates between good targets and unwanted trash with astonishing depth and can be used from the park or building site to the sandy beach. This is an all terrain detector ready for any conditions providing maximum performance every time.

Perfect if you are looking for a machine offering outstanding performance in a traditional switch and knob package.


  • Classic treasure hunting simplicity
    All settings can be seen at a glance and easily adjusted using knobs and switches.

  • Find more treasure, dig less junk!
    Accurate Tone ID allows you to hear and identify good targets. Variable Disc and single Notch controls can be combined to discriminate unwanted targets.

  • Auto and Manual Sensitivity
    With Auto Sensitivity, the detector measures signal noise and automatically adjusts for stable operation. Manual Sensitivity is an alternate option for experienced users.

  • ACCU-TRAK digital automatic ground tracking
    Maintains correct ground balance for maximum depth and sensitivity at all times.

  • BBS and RCB technologies
    BBS uses multiple simultaneous frequencies to find all size and depth targets with every sweep. BBS reduces false signals from ground minerals, making it ideal for general and beach detecting. RCB amplifies weak target signals inside the coil to find faint and deep targets

BBS (Broad Band Spectrum) simultaneously transmits, receives and analyses a broad band of multiple frequencies to deliver substantial detection depth, high sensitivity and accurate discrimination for a wide range of target types. This broad band of frequencies provides the detector’s electronics with more information about a target and the surrounding environment than is possible with single frequency technologies. The detector carries out advanced signal processing of these frequencies resulting in improved target identification accuracy and increased depth. This process also significantly reduces false signals from ground minerals, even in harsh and variable conditions, such as salt water beaches.

Find Different Target Types & Sizes with Every Sweep

Generally, high transmit frequencies are more sensitive to small targets and low transmit frequencies give more depth on large deep targets. BBS simultaneously transmits and analyses a broad band of multiple frequencies from 1.5 kHz to 25.5 kHz and is therefore sensitive to both small and large deep targets at the same time. This means you only need to cover the ground once, allowing you to find more treasure.

In-Coil Signal Booster

circuitry greatly amplifies weak target signals, from small and deep targets, inside the search coil, where the signals are received. This has three main advantages over standard techniques of amplification inside the control box:

  1. Greater immunity to electrical noise, reducing false signals
  2. No loss of signal strength, and faint targets, through the cable
  3. Improved detection depth and sensitivity

Accurate Multi-Channel Signal Conversion

BBS analyses multiple signal channels through a technique called multiplexing (MUX). These signals are compared to a digital reference (Vref. and DAC). The end result is high resolution accurate target signals that can be identified by the detector’s microcontroller (MCU). This analogue-to-digital conversion technique allows BBS to separate ground signals from target signals, achieving great depth and stability in difficult conditions.

VLF (Very Low Frequency) is a conventional single frequency sine wave transmission technology. This is the traditional type of technology used in most basic metal detectors. Single frequency sine wave detectors create an electro-magnetic field, which is transmitted into the ground in a continuous wave. While the basic way that the signal is sent out and received back has not changed, the receive signal processing has improved enormously. This has proven to be a reliable and easy to use technology for finding gold.

ACCU-TRAK continuously measures the level of ground mineralisation while the detector’s coil is swept in search of targets. Any changes in mineralisation, which can occur quite quickly, are analysed and the Ground Balance level automatically adjusted.

ACCU-TRAK ensures the detector is always correctly ground balanced and operating at maximum depth and sensitivity at all times with minimum effort. (Sovereign GT is the only TREASURE detector with ACCU TRAK).

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